hawa alam nuristani

The chairwoman of the Independent Election Commission, Hawa Alam Nuristani

IEC chairwoman appeals to the government, donors to help generously with an election budget

Independent election commission’s chairwoman Hawa Alam Nuristani on Wednesday appealed to the government and various international donors to come forward and help generously in meeting the upcoming presidential election budget expenses.

With an estimation of about 149 million dollars as the budget, Nuristani said that the budget has already been approved by the Presidential Palace but the amount hasn’t been handed over to the election commission.

Whereas President Ghani had focused on the need for timely elections while speaking at a ceremony in Kabul recently. Ghani said, “ there should be no doubt in the elections being held when scheduled. It is our National job, It is not only our legal obligation but also our ethical commitment”.

Nuristani, on the other hand, said, “ I call on the government and donor organizations to implement their commitments to us regarding the budget and approve it so that we are assured”.

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