Ibrahim Alokozay

Ibrahim Alokozay asks to postpone the presidential election due to security reasons

Ibrahim Alokozay, a wary Afghan candidate running for president in the upcoming presidential election called for postponement of the polls, citing security reasons.

While addressing an election campaign gathering, he said that a transparent and inclusive election couldn’t be held against the backdrop of a deteriorating security situation.

However, President Ashraf Ghani and election officials have been consistently emphasizing on the conduct of vote on the scheduled date, promising to overcome any obstacle and difficulty.

Ibrahim Alokozay raised his concerns over the fair results, if the election was held under the current circumstances.

There are seventeen candidates running for president. The cancelled peace talks between the US and the Taliban gave a further push to the democratic exercise, which will affect the upcoming president election.

Also, the fighting has intensified across the country after peace talks between the US and the Taliban collapsed few days back when US President Donald Trump rejected the peace deal agreed upon in principle and called the peace negotiations ‘dead’.

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