How e-commerce is changing consumer behavior in Afghanistan

How e-commerce is changing consumer behavior in Afghanistan

Afghanistan was introduced to E-commerce in the capital, Kabul, in the year 2016. From that point forward, it has been getting popular with the citizens. Mostly, people are used to shopping in the market, but due to Covid-19 e-commerce is slowly changing consumer behavior in Afghanistan.

However, to sustain in a competitive market, many shops have launched their own online shopping websites, while many are targeting customers on social media such as Facebook and Whatsapp.

The statistical information gathered from the online survey shows that, due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in Afghanistan, people have embraced online shopping as it prevents them from stepping out. It likewise helps in bending the curve of the pandemic in the nation.

The utilization of e-commerce and its pace has substantially expanded during the coronavirus pandemic in Afghanistan. However, the key challenging factor is to educate citizens about E-banking and payment system to achieve the growth of E-commerce. Therefore, slowly the enthusiasm for online shopping in people will increase.

Shopping itself, in general, has become an alternate social communication. Instead of a solitary discussion in a store, individuals share their views with large numbers of friends and buyers utilizing social media. This unique customer experience helps companies to engage with buyers and upgrade their products in case of complaints and gain customer satisfaction.

The power of the internet has enabled small businesses to reach a wider audience. But, due to the tech illiteracy rate in Afghanistan the online shopping is done via Whatsaap or Facebook Messenger and less from mobile apps.

In order to achieve growth in e-commerce, Afghanistan will have to improve its infrastructure, internet speed, and customer service. E-commerce is still struggling with challenges like finding clients’ locations, online payment services, security issues, and internet speed which have altogether influenced growth. Experts believe that despite all these issues, e-commerce business will slowly improve in Afghanistan.

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