Herat governor seeks justice for drowning of the Afghan migrant workers in Harirud River

Herat governor seeks justice for drowning of the Afghan migrant workers in Harirud River

On Thursday, Herat governor Sayed Wahid Qatali expressed that Afghanistan won’t compromise on the alleged drowning of the Afghan migrants by the Iranian border police, re-emphasizing for the required arrest of the culprits engaged with the episode.

On May 1, around 70 Afghan migrants tried to illegally cross the Afghan-Iran border via the river, amid the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, and on Sunday, the Afghan authorities confirmed the news, the Arab News reported.

As per the Afghan officials, the border police had beaten, tormented, and lastly forcibly drowned the Afghan migrants in Harirud River.

The drowning incident has set off diplomatic stress amid Iran and Afghanistan. However, Iran has completely denied the occurrence of any such episode.

Following the drowning incident, the Afghan officials, on May 3, launched a search for the missing migrants. Around 45 migrants were reported to have drowned; however, after two days, 17 bodies have been recovered.

The United States has also condemned the horrific incident and urged the Afghan Authorities to do a thorough investigation.

On May 26, Iranian and Afghan authorities in a video conference vowed to do a joint investigation on the matter, however, the victims’ families are still awaiting justice.

According to Tolo News, the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has stated that Afghanistan has completed its probe and shared the details with the Iranian government.

As per the Human Rights Watch, It is still unclear how the joint investigation will take place, yet solid cultural ties and a long history of sharing borders might push the two nations to lead a transparent, unbiased probe and soon punish those that are found guilty.

On 29 May, Herat governor Qatali swore to provide work and financial aid to the families who lost their friends and family in the horrific incident in Afghan-Iran border amid coronavirus pandemic.

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