Gulbuddin Hekmatyar accuses Ghani, Abdullah teams of fraud

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar accuses Ghani, Abdullah teams of fraud

Gulbuddin accuses Ghani, Abdullah teams of fraud

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, one of the presidential candidates accused the “ruling team” (Ghani and Abdullah’s teams) of fraud, saying that voters’ turnout was not as high to help a candidate win the majority of votes.

Hekmatyar claimed that Ghani and Abdullah asked him via foreign mediators to join them. In return, they would give 35 to 45 key government positions to him, but he rejected the requests.

Later, he called on the foreigners not to interfere in Afghans’ issues and let them make decisions for themselves.

While speaking at the election issues, Hekmatyar rejected ideas about election legitimacy despite the low turnout.

He said that people’s low participation in the Saturday’s contest overshadows its legitimacy.

He also criticized the national unity government as an “a failed experience”, saying it would not be repeated and called the low turnout “shame”, blaming the government for such “irresponsible decision” instead of peace efforts. He called the latest election as “the weakest contest”.

Hekmatyar added that if he was in Abdullah Abdullah’s position, he would not have joined the unity government.

He also spoke about the peace talks and said that negotiations would be restarted as the US has left with no other choice.

Hekmatyar asked the independent election commission to announce a transparent election after separating reliable and unreliable votes.

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