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Gulbadin Naib, Afghan Cricket team Captain demands a top-notch pacer into the team

Afghanistan captain Gulbadin Naib admits his team will take advantage of the emergence of a top-class speed bowler to supplement their level of quality spin attack.

Naib’s side, who have lost all eight of their group-stage matches, will probably play their last match at this year’s World Cup while they face the West Indies in Leeds on Thursday.

Even though Afghanistan spinners Rashid Khan and Mujeeb Ur Rahman are potential match-winners, Naib knows the team needs a sharper speed attack to bother the world’s best teams.

“If you watch over the last two or three years, we’re simply based on spinners, particularly when Mujeeb joined the team,” Naib claimed.

“We have got two spinners in Rashid and Mujeeb. So if you work with the fast bowlers in the last two or three years, perhaps we have good pacers now in this particular match.

“This is an issue. We didn’t discover the quick bowlers’ department. Everybody worked on the spinners, therefore that’s why we have now world-class spinners.”

Naib has not lost trust that his country’s talent scouts are able to unearth the type of quality pace bowler he really needs.

“If you can find two, three, good fast bowlers, perhaps it will likely be good for us here in the World Cup,” he claimed.

“Hopefully in the near future, we are able to look for a good fast bowler. And also I’m believing I’ll be working on it.”

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