Gujarat University Image Source: wikimediacommons, Under CC BY-SA 3.0

Gujarat University : Afghan College students Transported Over Food Behavior

New Delhi: Stoking a dispute, the Gujarat University management has supposedly asked regarding 300 Afghan college students to sign an undertaking that they will not approach mass media or another agency regarding the living conditions in the hostels offered by the university and also gets released when they breach the directive. The directive was granted after many South Asian college students complained regarding unhygienic conditions in the hostels, based on mass media reports.

The Afghan college students, part of the Study Abroad Programme under the Indian Council of Ethnic Relations( ICCR ) and also Educational Consultants India Restricted( EdCIL ) scholarships, have been frustrated since last September when they were moved far from the campus because of their “eating behavior and culture”.

The latest directive stated,”engagement with any specific outer agency similar to mass media or police without earlier permission of Gujarat University authorities shall invite instant expulsion for violating the code of perform from university and deportment to their country”.

Gujarat University Image source: wikimediacommons, Under CC BY-SA 3.0

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