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Government of Afghanistan spends about 46% of the total development budget provided

Various Budgetary units have reportedly used no less than 46 percent of the development budget, whereas a few have been able to spend less than a total of 10 percent of their budget so far revealed the figures by Ministry of Finance.

The figure also indicated at least a 7 percent increase in budget expenditures compared to the same period last year. As per the Ministry, 11 Ministries have spent over 50 percent of the provided development budget.

The spokesperson for Ministry finance ministry, Shamroz Khan Masjidiinformed that Capital Region Independent Development Authority has been on top to have spent maximum amounts of the budget as compared to other units.

As many as nine other Budgetary units have been able to spend less than a total of 25 percent of their total budget for development whereas the lowest was by the Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology that spent a total of only 6.4 percent of its total development budget.

The total amount provided for the overall budget after a hike in the mid-year budget has risen to 411 billion Afghanis which was 399 Afghanis at the start of the present fiscal year according to the Ministry.

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