Global community pledges over $600 million to Afghanistan for battling coronavirus pandemic

Global community pledges over $600 million to Afghanistan for battling coronavirus pandemic

As of late, a $220 million loan for coronavirus was granted to Afghanistan by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the global community has so far guaranteed over $600 million to Afghanistan for helping the nation in battling the coronavirus pandemic, the Tolo News revealed.

As indicated by Shamroz Khan Masjid, a representative for the Ministry of Finance, Apart from the coronavirus, the World Bank has also pledged $40 million which as a major aspect of a stimulus program for the year 2020.

Material aid is also provided to Afghanistan by different nations, for example, China, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, and the Czech Republic for supporting health care systems.

As indicated by the migration agency, Afghanistan could have the highest number of coronavirus infection rates in the world. At present, it has recorded 7,072 confirmed cases, 173 deaths, and 801 recovered by Worldometer data.

The European Union has promised 50 million euros, and technical talks are in progress to see where we can spend money,” stated Wahid Majroh, the Deputy Minister of public health.

As per the Ministry of Finance, the administration has assigned Afs29 billion from the national budget to stream into COVID-19 assets. Yet, government establishments have so far not announced anything related to the spending or investment of coronavirus funds.

While the Afghan government demands to spend foreign aid it gets from the international donor through the administration’s financial plan. There are serious concerns among experts about the administration’s ability to adequately invest the assets and staying transparent about the funds.

Economic experts state that the legislature ought to maintain a strategic distance from a methodology that may encourage financial donors to not stop on their financial responsibilities or to not generate new ones. In current conditions, the Afghan administration, like other NGOs, can’t guarantee the promising and viable supervision and investment of the funds, the experts included.

A significant question has come forth about the administration’s capacity to guarantee transparency concerning the financial aid’s spending in Afghanistan.

On May 2, The Ministry of Finance assured the global community of clarity and accountability in the spending of the foreign monetary aid to the nation to confront the Covid-19 disease.

Article Credit: Tolo News

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