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Ghani lays the foundation for billion dollars Administrative Complex

President Ghani on Sunday laid the foundation for simplified access to administrative services in Kabul by laying the base for ‘Administrative Complex,’ that is reportedly going to derive inspiration from Modern Islamic Architecture along with the classical that was seen during dynasties of Timurid, Ghaznavi, GhoridandKhurasanid.

The Complex is expected to be built in 2 phases occupying an area of 100 Acres near Darul Aman Palace and will take about 20 years to be completed. The work on the first phase has already begun with the involvement of 13 government institutions and is expected to be completed in the next 10 years with a total estimated cost of about 1.6 billion according to the officials.

President Ghani while addressing the gathering at the inauguration ceremony said that with the completion of Administrative Complex, the city of Kabul will return to its citizens. Talking of the distribution of Agricultural land to King Amanullah Khanby Chahardehi residents, the president said that the hope construction of Administrative complex had been finally fulfilled.

He added that beginning with Kabul he Hope’s to continue building Administrative complexes in 27 other provinces.

Pointing at the total expenditure expected for the construction of Darul Aman Administrative Complex he said, “ if we manage our state properties, we will be able to collect the required amount for the complex”.

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