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Afghanistan Bank (Central Bank), Image credit: flickr

Foreign-exchange reserves boost in Afghanistan, CB

Afghanistan’s revenues from currency exchange attained $100 million last year which has been exceptional in the recent years, the Central Bank Governor Khalil Sediq stated.

At the same time, International Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer, Abdul Qadir Bahman, suggested that the money collected at the Central Bank should be circulated as it will bring more earnings to the country.

“I believe that the govt of Afghanistan can prepare the ground for giving debts to traders and also farmers through which our people will also earn benefits,” he added.

Depending on the report, 51 .7 percent of the country’s population was residing under poverty line 2 yrs ago.
It will be merit to mention that Central Bank has paved the way for short-term and long-term loans to curb these challenges and it utilizes foreign-exchange reserves in the country’s economic interest.

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