eight-day film Festival

Film festival to mark 100th Independence Day of Afghanistan

Marking the eve of 100th Independence Day of Afghanistan, an eight-day film festival will be inaugurated at Ai Khanum cinema hall in Kabul on Sunday next week.

It’ll be a week of entertainment as about 100 movies are scheduled to be shown during the eight-day festival.

The cinema hall that will host the film festival was inaugurated this year itself, a few months ago and holds the capacity to accommodate 80 viewers together in one shift.

The director of Ai Khanum cinema hall said, “ Ai Khanum cinema hall will welcome those willing to spend the whole week watching movies beginning next Sunday.”

A few films that are scheduled to be shown are a reflection of the film industry of Afghanistan over the past few decades and a few are picked from those over the past 18 years.

An Afghan artist, ManmoonMaqsoudi expressed, “ cinema used to be a culture among Afghans in old Kabul.”

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