Election is the only solution to bring peace in Afghanistan: Ashraf Ghani

President Ashraf Ghani said the Afghan government is ready to
continue peace negotiations, but Taliban are impossible without a

“Our way is clear. We have chosen sustainable and dignified peace
and we will not go back. Negotiations [with the Taliban] are
impossible without a ceasefire,” Ghani said.

He said, Aghanistan wanted to create peace and its government
has a proper plan for it but Taliban took it wrong.

“We created national and international consensus on peace. We
created the environment for peace, but the Taliban took it wrong,”
he said.

“If you [the Taliban] will leave these relations, you will be
embraced by Afghans. You will be embraced by Afghans if you leave
drugs business,” he added.

Ghani said that the Islami Republic of Afghanistan and the Afghan
forces will not be compromised in the peace process.

He assured the nation that peace will come and election is the only
solution for “the inherited crisis” of the past four decades.


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