Egypt bridges: Arab world with Eroupe

Egypt bridges Arab World with European countries: Ambassador Hany

The initially ever League of Arab States( LAS ) and also European Union( EU ) Summit took place on 24-25 February in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, which combines 49 countries’ representatives.

The peak also shuffled concerns on threats to international and also regional peace and also security, including terrorism, radicalization, destabilizing behavior, proliferation, illegal wrists trafficking and also organized crime. “These are serious challenges that need concerted efforts, in keeping with international law, such as international human rights law. We acknowledged that peace and also security, human rights, and economic and social development are mutually reinforcing, the certification said.

The joint summit reaffirmed their solve to combat cultural and also religious intolerance, extremism, negative stereotyping, stigmatization and also discrimination leading to incitement to violence against people based on religion or belief and condemn any specific advocacy of religious hatred against people that constitutes incitement, hostility or violence, including on the internet and even social media.

The members agreed to keep LAS-EU Summits frequently, alternating between Arab and also European states, the next one would occur in Brussels in 2022.

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