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Death toll in Amrullah Saleh’s office attack case rises to 20

Former Interior Minister and Vice-presidential candidate Amrullah Saleh’s office in Kabul came under attack that went on for over six hours. The death toll has risen to 20 while at least 50 others have been injured informed the spokesperson for Interior ministry, Nusrat Rahimi further revealing that 16 of the 20 killed were civilians.

As many as 4 people are expectedly involved in the attack that began with a car explosion on Sunday evening. The bombing aimed the Green Trend Office, which is a political initiative by Saleh that falls in Shaheed Circle of Kabul. The area is covered with civilians residents and a university.

Saleh was present in his office at the time of the attack with at least 100 others but was luckily evicted from the area of attack.

Photos that have been circulated on social media show blood stains on Saleh’s right arm. The clashes came to an end at 11 PM on the same day after all four men involved in the attack were killed said, Nusrat Rahimi.

The governments of India and Pakistan along with the government of Afghanistan condemned the attack and the chief executive Abdullah Abdullah also paid a visit to Saleh following the attack in order to check up on his health.

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