mohammad sarwar danish

Danish demands high-priority investigation into sexual assault accusations on officials of the presidential palace

Mohammad Sarwar Danish, the second vice president has insisted on a high-priority interrogation of reported accusations regarding sex demands by officials in the presidential palace.

Former Adviser to President Ashraf Ghani had posed serious allegations on the officials of the presidential palace alleging that these officials demand sex from women who are reflected on for senior positions in government offices.

These allegations were made about two months ago and later supported by a female staff member who previously was a part of the presidential palace. She revealed that she too was asked for sexual favours by people who are close aides to the President.

Whereas President Ghani’s spokesperson clearly declined all the allegations calling them baseless but the BBC had brought the incident to light recently by interviewing certain female government employees who agreed on being victims of sexual assault.

Danish on Sunday asked the attorney general office for serious interrogation of the allegations asking the office to further disclose the whole case and decide a severe punishment for the accused if found guilty.

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