Afghanistan soliders

Charles presents medals to coming back soldiers

The Prince of Wales has presented campaign medals to soldiers coming back from Afghanistan.

Soldiers from the Welsh Safeguards marched on parade square at the Elizabeth Barracks in Surrey on Tuesday before being presented with their medals.

Charles, who has already been Colonel of the Welsh Safeguards since 1975, greeted soldiers from the Prince of Wales Company in uniform as he presented the Functional Service Medals for Afghanistan.

Afghanistan soliders

The safeguards have taken part in nearly every British Army campaign since the First World War.

he Prince of Wales Business, the top company of the guard, are really known as “the jamboys” as, historically, the tallest men in the battalion were delivered to the company as well as in the First World War were presented an extra ration of jam to nurture themselves. After the parade, Charles satisfied members of the battalion and also their families.

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