Afghan security officials

British unique forces required

British Unique Causes will be asked to play a key role in counter-terrorism procedures in Afghanistan under army plans being drawn up by the Pentagon following Donald Trump’s selection to pull US troops from the country, according to senior citizen defense sources.

Other international forces, numbering around 9,000, will pull out along with the People over a time frame of around three years. There would, but, be US air cover offered Afghan forces and a smaller US-led force focusing on counter-terrorism against Wendy and also al-Qaeda fighters. The British Army’s SAS and the Royal Navy’s SBS are anticipated to be part of the mission, say the US and also Western army officials.

The Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani, raised the specter of what happened to one of his predecessors, Mohammed Najibullah, who was pulled away from a UN increase, troubled and also murdered by the Taliban when they began to take the capital in 1996.

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