Ashraf Ghani

Afghanistan president Ashrafghani, Image credit: flickr

Ashraf Ghani’s great plan for endurable peace in Afghanistan

The Afghan govt is also committed to peace, however exactly like the women of Afghanistan, it may not be prepared to settle for any “peace deal”. It wants a peace that would reinforce the prices of the republic and the fundamental legal rights and also liberties of the Afghan people, not just one that would inevitably lead to the collapse of the state and also reversal of the benefits of the past 18 years.

Pakistan most recently made it is opposition to a sovereign, united and also fully independent Afghanistan obvious when Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan known as the Kabul govt a “hurdle to peace talks” and also suggested setting up an interim govt in the country. An interim government means returning to square one, scrapping the constitution and reversing the gains of the past 18 years. The people of Afghanistan, who fought against long and also hard for their independence, have no intention of agreeing to any specific peace process that would deprive the country of it is sovereignty. Ghani knows this and also believes the peace process can only move ahead after consensus is reached between the neighbors.

Ghani’s endeavours played an important role in making peace in Afghanistan an actual prospect. Now that we have been at the point where direct talks between the Afghan govt and the Taliban could begin any moment, the president’s vision for peace and also well-thought-out plans for the post-conflict era is guaranteed to lead Afghanistan to a lucrative future.

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