BBC Music

‘Anything with a worldwide interest’: BBC Music is broadening to the U.S.

The BBC is giving up more of it is music recording to viewers outside of the U.K., producing more revenue from it is archives.

From March 25, BBC Music will likely be available to U.S. audiences. At release, there will be around ten pieces of text and also video content that have been repurposed for U.S. audiences, supported with the BBC’s wealth of archive footage.

BBC Music is liable for the music played out across the BBC.

BBC Music usually co-producers the music shows and also documentaries on TV, as well as the live coverage of parties like Glastonbury.

“We’re increasing what we have. The BBC is undoubtedly about assisting different types of audience,” said Frantz. “What the BBC does well is it proves it loves music around the audience does.”

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