Afghanistan’s national unity

ANDSF; sign of Afghanistan’s nationwide unity

9th of Hoot is the day of the Afghan Nationwide Protection and also Safety Causes( ANDSF ) and also considered as proper event to praise and also admire the loyalty, braveness and also sacrifices of the forces.

Afghan Nationwide Protection and also Security Forces( ANDSF ), that are the brave sons of the land, are fully ready to defend and also safeguard all values with complete impetus and also commitment. They deserve to be fully supported and also their solutions should be accepted as Afghan protection, security and also intelligence institutions are a symbol of nationwide unity regardless of tribe and also language. Each one affiliate of the ANDSF is in the support of Afghanistan and also doing his or her duty with complete honesty.

It really is worth mentioning that since the statement of Milestone 2013 on 18 June, the Afghan protection and also security causes have been having the lead for protection across Afghanistan. They right now plan and also conduct larger and more complicated procedures. They are also having increasing responsibility for missions of resist service support, such as medical evacuation and also path clearance operations.

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