Afghanistan’s little Lionel Messi devotee has become a Taliban goal

Universal fame is challenging to manage for just about any 7-year-old. In Afghanistan, it may also be critical.

Image credit: wikimediacommons Under CCBY 2.0

In January 2016, a picture of little Murtaza Ahmadi went viral, due to his makeshift form of an Argentine football shirt of his idol Lionel Messi. The shirt, a blue-and-white-striped artificial grocery bag with Messi’s brands and also quantity etched in pen on the back, attained the child two autographed shirts, a authorized football along with a conference with the millionaire footballer 11 months later. Ahmadi particularly grew to become a goal for threats, says his mother, Shafiqa, citing his publicity.
“From the day Murtaza grew to become popular, life evolved into challenging for our family,” says Shafiqa. “Not merely the Taliban, yet various other groups also began thinking that messi could have presented him a lot of cash. We stopped sending him to school, and also we appeared to be insecure all the time.”

Image credit: wikimediacommons, Under CCBY 2.0

Ahmadi says he told his mother to seize him some other place. Finally Ahmadi’s father assisted each escape to the close by city of Bamyan.
“It will have been much better if Murtaza hadn’t obtained fame,” she said.”Now our way of life have reached threat both in our hometown and also right here in Kabul. He stays all his valuable time here in the house.”

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