Afghanistan flights to be removed from European blacklists claims Wafayezada

The Civil Aviation Authority of Afghanistan, in order to assure the safety of flights, signed a memorandum of understanding with five civil and military institutions.

The chief of the civil aviation authority of Afghanistan, Mohammad Qasim Wafayezada said that for over 10 years now the Afghan flights are black-listed by European nations and we are making all possible efforts to tackle this issue.

He also revealed that in efforts to get Afghanistan out of the blacklist, Afghanistan has successfully been able to gain the trust of huge countries and along with cooperation from the International Civil Aviation organization they’re hopeful that Afghanistan will be pulled out of the blacklist.

He stated that “ The European countries will remove Afghan flights from their blacklists soon.”

Wafayezadaalso added that the problems regarding Afghanistan’s flights could possibly be solved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Afghanistan following the purchase of a radar system.

One has to wait to see if Wafayezada’s statement turns out to be true as officials in the past have also claimed that Afghanistan flights will be pulled out from European blacklists but all the claims have gone in vain so far.

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