Afghanistan demands the international community for monitoring the election process

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on his most recent visit to United Kingdom (UK) has questioned the UK government to play a role in checking the coming elections for being sure transparency of the process. The UK government ensured of continued work along with Afghanistan for developing and strengthening democracy in the country.

Several Afghan specialists and citizens by welcoming the Afghan government’s request say one of causes of malfunctions and problems in the earlier parliamentary elections was insufficient world monitoring team.

They stressed out that worldwide observers were unable to monitor Afghanistan parliamentary elections on account of numerous reasons that have resulted in widespread violations and frauds.

“Although the people of Afghanistan have experienced elections many times, it is essential that international observers must be present in the country to monitor the elections process,” stated Aminzoy, an Afghan political specialist and university lecturer.

He added that those governments giving financial help to Afghanistan elections process must also give amenities to international observers to monitor Afghanistan presidential elections process, or the process would certainly face with problems as previous elections.

Jamal Farahmand, another Afghan political expert thinks that the forthcoming presidential elections must be conducted on its exact time as keeping timely and transparently presidential elections are one of principle demands of the people and international community.

“International observers from the point of the people and presidential candidates are impartial elements who can monitor the elections process in an easier way  However, international observers can easily develop the face of Afghanistan in the world level, that can guarantee the world’s continued assistance to Afghanistan,” Farahmand claimed . He added ground must be given to international observers, or the presidential elections would face with more difficulties. Presence of international observers at the time of the forthcoming presidential elections process is going to somehow make Afghan presidential candidates and normal people ensure more on the elections process.

 Based on Afghan political experts and the people, electoral commissions do not have the capability to hold timely and transparently presidential elections without the technical help of the international community; thus, presence of international observers and their technical support is key at the time of the upcoming presidential elections.

They think that checking the upcoming presidential elections and making properly use of biometric in the elections are key for soundness of the coming presidential elections. They can also be on acceleration of issuing electronic tazkiras across the country.

As the country’s electoral commissions have announced that all preparations are underway for timely presidential elections set to be held in September, defense and security organs have assured of maintaining security for the elections. Officials for ministries of defense and interior say maintaining of security during the upcoming presidential elections is one the most important a priority of the country’s defense and security organs. They assured that further efforts would be made for keeping the security of the elections process, requesting the people to widely undertake the elections.

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