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Afghan security recaptures Yamgan from Taliban

Afghan security defeated the group in ongoing military operations
in northeastern Badakhshan and recaptured Yamgan district.

“Yamgan district was recaptured after four years from the Taliban
fighters by Afghan security forces” Fawad Aman, a spokesman for
the Ministry of Defense said.

The Afghan air force has supported ground forces during the
operation, due to which Taliban fighters suffered heavy losses.
mong those killed are foreign “terrorists” as well.

“Afghan National flag was raised on the district headquarters today
morning,” Aman said.

Badakhshan has been one of the insecure provinces of the country,
where not only the Afghan Taliban but also, foreign terrorist
groups are also active and launching attacks against Afghan
security forces.

The security forces recaptured Wardooj district of the province
from Taliban as well a few days ago. Wardooj has been under
Taliban control for past five years.

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