Afghan saffron, Image credit: flickr

Afghan saffron cost increases by seventy percent

International Saffron Union, a special sector group in the country states that the expense of each kilogram saffron in nearby markets has improved to 70, 000 afg.
Based on the union in-charges, saffron provide has noticeably decreased in local markets.

The union makes sure that Iranian saffron continues getting imported to Afghanistan in different ways.
But, it is still not clear how many a lot of saffron /u and also supplied to local markets last year, however, the ministry of agriculture and also irrigation says that over 14 tons of saffron have so far exported.

Besides, according to the saffron nationwide union, presently, saffron price is not good in the international markets.
At the same time, several experts stated the Iranian saffron has affected the Afghan saffron market in local countries.

Several saffron cultivators say that if the govt particularly the ministry of agriculture supports them, Afghan saffron will further grow.
Afghan saffron is exported to different countries of the world with a good price, but still due to low cultivation, Afghan saffron market is on the hands of neighbouring nations such as Iran.
An economic expert Shir Ali Tazri informed The Kabul Times saffron is a good alternative for narcotics’ cultivation in Afghanistan that enjoys a good place in the international market.

It is merit to point out that Afghanistan’s weather is suitable for saffron cultivation and also according to reports, the saffron production rate is 3 times more than other countries.

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