differently-abled girl

Afghan girl with special abilities takes up singing after victory overpainting

A 19-year-old differently-abled Afghan girl, Robaba who mesmerized the world with her paintings, made with the help of her mouth has now started performing at concerts for her fans in order to “raise a new hope for Afghanistan” that is struggling with war for decades now.

Robaba has attended various international events that include Turkey’s Merson International Accessible Art Festival in October 2018 and started learning to sing with a music group in May this year.

Her first performance was witnessed by a number of audiences at her own Arts and Culture Centre in Kabul on July 19.

Robaba was born with partially paralyzed limbs and not only does she encourage the youth but says that she wants to voice the sufferings of people of Afghanistan and women in particular who go through misery due to violence on a daily basis.

She said, “ I was encouraged by my friends. I want to experience new challenges along with painting. I want to follow whatever makes me happy. I want to be the voice of the Afghan people. My songs are mostly about Afghan women as I want to be their voice.”

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