Afghan Foreign Minister Resigns

Afghan Foreign Minister Resigns

Afghan Foreign Minister Resigns

The Afghan acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Salahuddin Rabbani resigned from his post, he announced in a letter to President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday.

Rabbani wrote that he is proud of serving as his country’s foreign minister under the National Unity Government over the past five years, but, at the same time, he faced serious challenges in his role.

“During my time, the working environment in the National Unity Government wasn’t good from the start. I witnessed parallel structures being created and have seen essential institutions–key pillars of the system–pushed to the side,” he wrote.

According to Rabbani, under the NUG, the whole government apparatus was treated like a “personal NGO” and the entire government was exploited.

Rabbani states that he tolerated all sorts of messes out of loyalty to the Afghan people–to protect the system and Afghanistan’s national interests.

On November 12, 2016, Rabbani was dismissed by Afghanistan’sparliament because of poor performance.

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