Afghan artists are hoping if peace restores, it will benefit the thriving art and music culture

In an interview with The Kabul Times, Fazila Zamir an educator of Rubab instrument at the Music Department of the Ministry of Information and Culture stated that the condition of art and music was improving lately in the country. Many universities in Afghanistan were associated with training music to youngsters and continue teaching if peace prevails in Afghanistan again. Hoping peace is restored, and we are able to share our rich heritage of art, music, and culture globally.

Afghanistan, situated at the intersection of Central Asia, has had an immense and flourishing musical culture for a long time. Its topographical feature has brought forth a diverse music culture, with a wide range of impacts from the poetry, the distinctive regional folk music. Various art lovers across the nation are hoping for peace to advance their fine arts. 

Historically, in Southern Afghanistan, the music culture is overwhelmed by the music culture of the Pashtuns. The Rubab, one of the most famous Afghan instruments begins from the Pashtun culture. 

The US-Taliban peace deal was a stressful issue for music learning and art specifically. “If peace is not resolved in Afghanistan, it would be difficult to advance and nourish music and art in here,” Zamir included. 

She emphasized that for women, it was very tough to venture into learning music as the nation had a male-dominated society. Generally, males were music instructors and if a woman desired to learn music, she was offended or abused by customary society. However, due to war many artists and musicians left the nation or died. Moreover, those who were left behind cant manage to promote their skills due to the economic crises.

Zamil expressed that she hopes peace is reestablished in Afghanistan. She urges the Afghan government and the international community not to victimize women for learning music because as per her, ladies have undergone a lot in the past decades. “They must be promoted to learn their hobbies as our citizens are tired of war. We all desire peace,” she added.

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