abdullah abdullah

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, The Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan

Abdullah stresses the urgent need for transparency in the election process

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah on Monday stressed on the need to bring stability in the country where he said that forthcoming presidential elections must be the path towards stability in Afghanistan and not a crisis. He further mentioned the importance of transparency in the process of electioneering.

Abdullah expressed his concerns regarding the future of the country in case issues of 2014 presidential elections are repeated in the polls this year, scheduled for September 28. He said that those problems need to be set right otherwise Afghanistan might fall into an “unbearable tragedy”.

Abdullah  said, “ In the view of previous experiences, this time, the elections in Afghanistan should be a step forward towards a better future.”

Abdullah was speaking at a national forum titled ‘Promoting Women’s Participation in Elections, where he said, “ The repetition of an election similar to last presidential elections will be a tragedy and the people of Afghanistan will not be able to compensate it”.

The Ambassador and Head of European Union Delegation in Afghanistan, Pierre Mayaudonwhile talking at the same event mentioned that there is a need for strong participation from Afghan women in the elections as this election is a stage for women to make their voices matter and heard.

The election commission handed credential letters to the presidential candidates on Monday when one the contesting candidate, Ghulam Farooq Nijrabi denied the letter and claimed that he cannot trust transparency in electioneering until systematic measures are brought in the elections management body.

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