Abdullah Abdullah rejects President Ashraf Ghani’s order over probing allegations about corruption

Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive, has reportedly rejected President Ashraf Ghani’s order over probing allegations about corruption in the ministry of foreign affairs.

Abdullah has said in an order that such investigation could be a kind of campaigning for Ghani, according to reports.

He is competing against President Afghani in the upcoming presidential election.

Two weeks ago President Ghani ordered for a probe against Abdullah after a reportby the monitoring committee for struggle against administration corruption.

According to the committee report, the staff in the foreign ministry are employed and sent to foreign diplomatic missions based on personal relationships and taking bribe.

The report says that 44 per cent of the applicants were employed without an entrance exam between 2011 and 2017. It also says about lack of a human resource information system in the ministry.

Abdullah who is close to the foreign minister, has said the investigation should be carried out in the next government and after the elections. But presidential office emphasizes on the implementation of Ghani’s order over the investigation.

“Unfortunately, they (Abdullah and his team) try to link everything to electoral campaigns, which is not fair. The president of Afghanistan is a president before being a presidency runner and he is responsible to run government affairs. We must not relate all government affairs to the elections and campaigns. We trust in bringing reforms and should not make obstacles before reforms,” Sediq Sediqqi, a spokesman for President Ghani said Friday.

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