95% of Afghan’s tax e-filing system is defective: Report

In an unprecedented development, the Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring Committee in Afghanistan has found out that 95% of the tax e-filing system is not functioning. Reportedly, the tax e-filing system was introduced by the Afghan Ministry of Finance almost 11 years ago in a bid to tackle the prevailing corruption in the taxation process.

However, the MEC officials have asked the Afghan government and the Ministry of Finance to update the e-filing system for the welfare of the taxpayers. As per a report by TOLO news, the experts have asserted that employees within the Finance Ministry have been manipulating with the e-filing system to encourage tax revenue frauds. However, finance ministry officials have maintained that there are issues with the software of the system.

The MEC has further recommended the government to replace the previous system with an upgraded one to ensure the safety of taxpayers’ money.

The Afghan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) stated that millions of Afs have been invested in the installation of the system. However, they are not able to use the system due to a lack of technological up-gradation and surging corruption.

Finance Ministry spokesperson Shamroz Khan Masjidi also told the media that more than 90% of the technology in the e-filing system is outdated. He added that while the World Bank provided some devices in 2019 to improve the system, no significant changes have been implemented yet.

Over the past two decades, Afghanistan has made considerable developments in domestic revenue mobilization (DRM). Notedly, the Afghan government has worked hard in building the tax and customs administrations from equipping the staff with skills and facilities to expanding the systematic information technology (IT).

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