90 Parliament members not using weapons given by police

90 Parliament members not using weapons given by police

90 Parliament members not using weapons

90 out of 250 members of parliament are not using weapons given by police for their protection, the ministry of interior said.

The ministry said that it had given 837 weapons to the legislators for their security and each Member of Parliament is allowed to have four bodyguards according to the law, but a number of them have hired more than 10 bodyguards.

The ministry also said that the members didn’t even know the source who supplied them the arms.

Allah Gol Mojahed, one of the members of parliament, has six bodyguards who have licenses for carrying weapons.

He said that he has personal weapons at his home based on government order.

“Some friends began competitions with me. So, I needed to have more bodyguards who hold rocket launchers and PK machineguns. My bodyguards stopped carrying rocket launchers after the president issued an order to ban,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Kabul traffic department complained that a number of lawmakers have cars with illegal license plates.

Khan Mohammad Shinwari, head of the department, said that the license plates on lawmakers vehicles are not recognizable by the traffic department.

Abdul Khaleq, a lawmaker from Balkh province, admitted that same license plates for two vehicles are not legal, but said the plates were registered in the parliament’s secretariat.

“This makes the problem. This is absolutely illegal to have four or five vehicles with the same license plates,” he said.

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