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7 Billion Afghanis allocated for presidential elections in Afghanistan

President Ashraf Ghani while addressing the 22nd Joint coordination and monitoring board meeting in Kabul announced that 7 billion Afghanis has already been assigned by the government towards the process of upcoming presidential elections.

He said, “ It is for the first time that we are allocating maximum part of the election funds from our own resources, I Congratulate all the people of Afghanistan on this great initiative.” He also mentioned that the security forces will take care of the security during the elections.

Stressing on the need for fair elections he said, “Afghanistan penal code criminalizes interference in the election, I ask judiciary organs to be careful about criminal election cases.”

Ghani informed that the election campaign of candidates is scheduled to begin next week and that he is aware that the elections will face problems but he also said that Afghans will not give in to any kind of issue that comes up and will face problems strongly in order to make the election process a success.

He said, “ Afghan presidential elections should be credible and transparent.”

The government had approved a total of 149 billion Afghanis as the budget for the upcoming elections of which 90 billion was supposed to be invested by the Afghanistan government whereas 59 will be paid by the international community.

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