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4 members of Afghanistan’s all-female orchestra go missing in Slovakia

4 members of Afghanistan’s first all-female orchestra consisting of 35 members went missing from their hotel after performing at a local festival in Slovakia, confirmed AFP in a report.

Slovakian Police is carrying out a search operation for the missing persons of Zohra, a group of 35 teenagers and young women musicians who had performed a concert last Saturday at a festival in the western town of Tencin, about 130 kilometers north of Bratislava, along the Czech border, said AFP.

Pavel Kudlicka, spokesman for Trencin regional police said: “I can confirm that search for two teenagers and two adults from Afghanistan is underway.”

He also specified that the musicians had returned to their hotel after the concert and went missing the next morning.

Kudlicka also added that he was unable to reveal the names of missing women due to legal reasons along with the ongoing investigation.

The orchestra played several concerts in western Slovakia over this week even after 4 of their members went missing.

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