WhatsApp Might Quickly Quit Your Profile Picture From Being Downloaded by Others on iOS Too

WhatsApp is definitely launching a much-important feature that lots of have often wondered why it was included in the first place. Based on a report by WABetaInfo, the latest beta update for WhatsApp on iOS adds a crucial security feature (among others) which was recently introduced on Android — preventing others from downloading user profile photos.

Lots of have often wondered why this feature was in place for so long, anyway. Given that WhatsApp is not a social medium, and is instead a personal communications platform, the profile photo on WhatsApp is essentially put in place for identification, and not in the same tune as on social platforms such as Facebook. Even social platforms such as Facebook have started putting in limitations that prevent profile photos from being downloaded, with increasing incidents of misuse and cyber abuse on the internet.

Now, WhatsApp is going to finally disable the feature that allowed users to copy, download or share others’ profile photos. But, it is very important to observe that WhatsApp still hasn’t imposed limitations to stop screenshots from being taken, that would truly help in making the platform safer, and prevent any potential misuse of user identities. The latest privacy feature was first introduced in the latest Android stable build update, and given that it has now landed in the beta circle of the app on iOS, we anticipate to see it in the stable build soon.

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